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Why It’s Important To Have Handyman Services Maintain Your Property


When you own property in Coventry that you are renting out, several maintenance tasks need to be attended to, especially every time a tenant leaves. Most of the damages occur after people occupy these spaces for a short while for commercial purposes like an office, or on a long-term basis such as a residence. If this damage is not attended to right away, a building may deteriorate and consequently, require a more extensive and costlier repair. To control such damage, it is important that you seek the services of an experienced handyman company.

Minor and Major Repairs

When people think about handyman services, they instantly relate them to plumbing work or electrical fixtures that need repairs. Some are not aware that a handyman is also capable of providing many other professional tasks. For instance, handymen are better known as property handlers and are generally able to perform simple jobs, such as caulking around sinks, replacing washers, and fixing sticky windows, as well as perform major tasks like electrical rewiring and roof repairs.

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Why It’s Important to Keep a Good Relationship with a Trusted Handyman


Finding a skilled and dependable handyman is, in itself, a very difficult task for many property owners in and around Coventry; however, maintaining a good relationship with one may prove to be even harder. There are companies that offer a complete suite of handyman services. These companies are usually more than happy to provide quality services to all their clients, but due to some factors (such as delayed payments, miscommunication, and the like), these professionals might prefer not to come back to a property to offer their services.

Why is maintaining a good relationship with your handyman important?

Better Communication

A handyman who regularly works on your property will have better knowledge of your facilities, so it will be easier to tell him what issues you are currently experiencing. Because you’ve always worked with the same handyman, you’ll find it easier to talk to him about your property’s problems, give him clear instructions on what you need done, and tell him what your expectations are of his services in terms of quality and turnaround time.

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Choosing Coventry Handyman Services: Your Home Winter Weather Tips


Although winter can often be a beautiful time of the year, there are, inevitably, instances when a handyman will be required to tackle problems within the home. Let’s look at some signs that such a professional may be needed.

Drafty Homes

Many homes in Coventry and nearby areas suffer from inadequate levels of insulation. As a result, a good amount of heat can be lost and energy bills will be much higher. It is a good idea to check for drafts around suspect areas. Windows, doors and door frames are often sources of thermal loss. Hold a candle up and if the flame flickers noticeably, it is likely that there is a draft where there shouldn’t be any, indicating that repairs will need to take place.

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3 Awesome Coventry Handyman-Approved Tips for Fixing a Sticky Door


A sticky door is a very common problem in a home. As seasons change and doors age, doors can become susceptible to a lot of problems that cause them to stick. If you have a door in your home that won’t close properly, here are some tips from your Coventry handyman to help you fix it.

Tighten loose screws

Your door likely has screws in both the hinges and the door jamb. Tighten all of the screws using a screwdriver. Avoid using a hand drill, as you could end up over- tightening the screws and stripping the screw holes of their ‘teeth.’ If the screw holes are already stripped, purchase longer screws and be careful not to over-tighten them.

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Choosing the Right Light Bulb for Your Home, According to a Handyman


Now that homes are being encouraged to be more energy-efficient and Earth-friendly, incandescent bulbs are now all but obsolete. Today, homeowners are presented with a slew of options for energy-efficient lighting, with most of them promising long durability and huge savings on energy bills.

With all of these options for light bulbs, it’s understandable, then, that you’ll feel overwhelmed with your choices. How can you choose the light bulb that you’re looking for? Let a handyman guide you through all your choices and help you choose the perfect one for your home.

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