Property Maintenance: 3 Signs Your Gutter System May Have a Problem

Gutters are invaluable installations to your Coventry home. By channeling rain water away from your home, gutters help protect it from water damage. But other than quality as a factor, gutters near their lifespan faster with extreme weather conditions and debris buildups. Gutter damage is often marked by leaks, which according to AXA, are also a major cause of isolated damps in homes throughout UK.

Gutter leaks can do more than just dampen and cause mold infestation in your home; when rainwater is in excess, it can pool around the soil surrounding your basement. If your basement walling is not built sturdily, it may, over time, give in to the pressure that the expansive soil base exerts. This can further lead to foundation settling, uneven flooring, and wall cracks on your living spaces.


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